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Flamenco Baby

Jeremy and Yolande enjoy life in London’s artsy Islington. He’s a novelist; she’s in a flute trio. They love the dance theatre, Spanish films and arm-in-arm walks along the canal. But both are searching for a dark and sensitive Mr Right – and at thirty eight, Yolande is running out of time.


When Jeremy offers a ‘consolation prize’ after another failed romance, she asks for his baby. But he can’t face fatherhood, and gives her flamenco instead – tickets for the London festival, followed by classes in Spain.


An entranced Yolande returns from Granada having started a cosy relationship with guitarist Javi, and Jeremy falls for Fernando – an enigmatic dancer with whom Yolande has had a hidden brief liaison. So begins a whirl of secrecy, love and jealousy that has them all wondering if there’s more than one way to have a happy-ever-after…


Men Dancing


A chance meeting with a performer you’ve always admired – an exciting story to tell your

family and friends. But not if that excitement won’t go away, and turns into the chronic ache of



Dr Rosie Buchanan – weary hospital scientist, frustrated musician, cheated wife and struggling mother – finds herself sitting next to charismatic Royal Ballet star Alejandro Cortés on a London train. Half an hour and a shared bag of errant Maltesers later, she starts to feel she’s misheard her true calling – and is soon doing research of a very different kind.


Rosie arranges a bogus research visit at Alejandro’s home, and is thrilled when he and his girlfriend ask her to become their piano teacher. And she tries to overcome the pain of her failing marriage to former soulmate Jez, and the obsession with Alejandro, by accepting consolation from an old friend, consultant Ricardo Pereira. But so begins a complex dance of passion, betrayal, loss and redemption...



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‘A lively tale, with all the emotion, darkness and humour of flamenco.’ - Sarah Bird, best-selling author of The Flamenco Academy


‘Flamenco books are in the main fact-packed or supposition. Occasionally one comes along that gives rather more…’ - Flamenco News, London

“A great read for Strictly fans”  Sir Bruce Forsyth, CBE


“Couldn’t wait to get back to it every time I put it down. Compelling…”

Louise Voss, Amazon No. 1 best-selling co-author of Killing Cupid and Catch Your Death


The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter

After the break-up of her marriage, Imogen escapes to her aunt's converted lighthouse on Beachy Head. Writing for a tedious online magazine but hoping to starting a novel, she wants to be alone – until she finds an entrancing flamenco CD in her borrowed car and contacts the artist via Twitter. It turns out that actor-musician Santiago needs help with English, and is soon calling her profesora.


Through her window, the other lighthouse winks at her across the sea. The one where her father was a keeper, until he mysteriously drowned there in 1982. Her aunt is sending extracts from his diary, and Imogen is intrigued to learn that, like her and Santi, her father had a penfriend.


Meanwhile, despite their differences – Imogen surrounded by emotional and geographical barriers, Santi surrounded by family and land-locked Madrid – their friendship develops. So, she reads, did her father's – but shocking revelations cause Imogen to question whether she ever really knew him.


Two stories of communication: the hilarious mistakes, the painful misunderstandings, and the miracle – or tragedy – of finding someone out there with whom you have an unforeseen, irresistible connection.


'A fresh new voice telling a charming and moving story of love, loss, loneliness, Twitter and Spanish lessons. An absolute delight.' Bestselling author Louise Douglas


'A wonderful romance that deftly weaves past and present — a story so full of music it sings.'

Avril Joy, author of Sometimes A River Song, and Costa Short Story award winner.



Cherry Radford

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